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Wildlife tracking


We utilize the latest in technology to bring new features, high reliability and lower cost when compared to methods such as Argos. Above you see a picture of several of the available GSM (cellular) bird bourne tracking devices that we offer. All of our units utilize GPS for triangulation to ensure accurate position information. The units are mounted as back pack style with a solar cell to recharge the battery. Our products are a no compromise design effort that scrutinized the smallest details. The enclosure is no exception, to reduce weight we built custom molds and hand lay each unit out of carbon fiber. This gives us a fantastic weight to strength ratio. All of our units boast 2 way communication so that you can update the reporting intervals while the unit is fielded. If you get some interesting data and decide you want more data or data at different times of day its all just a click away in our web portal. We have rounded the corners on the case to help prevent it from catching on branches and we created a small recess on the bottom so the seam where the foam pad is glued so it can not be easily pried apart. We chose GSM transmission because it is widely deployed around the world, it has excellent coverage and transmission costs are very reasonable. Despite the excellent coverage there are pockets of no coverage and to ensure that we do not lose any data we added data logging to the unit.  If the bird finds itself out of GSM range it will log the GPS locations and transmit them next time it is able to register with a GSM tower. All of our units are quad band so the work nearly everywhere in the world. The smallest unit weighs in at only 25 grams and we offer units as large as 55 grams which are sized to work on birds such as Golden Eagles.




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