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Software Development

The modern business is completely Internet driven and stiff online competition makes it mandatory for every business to devise a strategy. Vektortek delivers a wide range of information technology services that focus on streamlining business process and Customer Resource Management. The development team analyses the existing IT processes and creates a specific plan to exceed the client’s needs. Our development process is driven by collaboration and it is very important to us that we keep the client involved every step of the way. We provide flexible implementation strategies from the evaluation, development and testing all the way through support. Vektortek is strongly focused on creating customer oriented software applications and excels at creating intuitive interfaces.

Portfolio Examples:

InRoute Communications:

Problem; An international Telecom company was experiencing rapid growth and as a result had problems effectively managing the customer. This led to delays in responding to customers, missed opportunities and lower margins. After an intensive review of the requirements and a thorough understanding of the business proposed a Customer Resource Management (CRM) platform that tracked customer resources and profitability in real time.  The results were a streamlined process with more effective tools to organize and distribute responsibility. This increased customer support response which raised customer satisfaction. We also developed a rate management system that tracked customers in real time and allowed the company to focus its efforts on the best opportunities. After 3 months of using the application the increased profit margins were enough to cover the application development costs.


North Star St:

Problem;  Customer offers micro tracking solutions that are used by wildlife biologists to track bird migration patterns. However they did not have an effective solution for delivering the location data to the customers. Vektortek developed the transmission protocol, back end data base and front end customer web portal. We also developed robust reporting and analytic tools to monitor individual device performance.  Using Google maps the customer can view the location data and create geo-fence alerting. Data retrieval is now just a click away in the web based portal.  


Custom Software Development Services at Vektortek

. It does the gap analysis to ensure complete compatibility between existing system and custom developed application. The supplications are designed, tested and deployed to complete satisfaction of the clients. We have expertise in following:

  • Custom application development
  • Application re-engineering
  • E-commerce application development
  • Enterprise level software application development
  • Customized CRM and CMS development
  • Application extension and up-gradation to make it more scalable for future business needs
  • Custom web based application development using technologies like, PHP
  • Client - Server Application Development




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